Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Song Of Myself and The Card Seen 'Round The World

"Poems don't have to rhyme and they don't have to be dirty, but people seem to prefer them that way." -Red Green.

I don't read a lot of poetry as a rule, although I suspicion that I read a bit more of it than your average joe. Mostly I just reread stuff that I like: Rudyard Kipling, Robert Service, Walt Whitman, and Roy Bentley.

As far as writing poetry goes, let's face it, I suck. I can recite several dirty limericks but I don't think I could write one. The only assignment I ever flunked in English class was when we had to write five haiku's. I couldn't come up with one. My mind just doesn't work in five-seven-five format. I'm more of a three-five-nine guy myself. Whatever, it all works out to seventeen.

So today I'm casting about for something to read in the Jeep as I spend a fair amount of time waiting in it. I find my copy of "Tales of the Yukon" by Robert Service and started reading. After a few pages I had a certain rhythm in my head and I put the book down and put my own words to it. While I am no wordsmith, I felt the muse was upon me and jotted a few lines down. I figured what the heck? If old Walt, pictured above, could sing of his body electric, then by gum I could pen this little ditty.

Ode to Beer

Beer, Oh Beer;
You've made your point clear.
And of all the World's earthly delights,
You've always been true and graced my dark weary nights.

The monk he lives on bread and water,
But I could never live on such meager fare.
My knees would never take all the kneelin',
But I hear they brew good beer!

The Kings have all the power,
And the rich man wears his fine cap.
But as for me & mine,
We'll be in the room with the tap.

Pity the poor teetotaler as 'e rises to greet the day;
For when he comes home at night,
'E's got no mug
To ease him from his day.

I 'ad me a true love once,
But I won't miss her in this lifetime.
She left me for a preacher man,
And because 'e drank wine!

Now I've heard tell that the devil himself drove a down-bound train,
With wheels well greased and black.
The boiler is full of lager beer,
And the train's about to jump the track!

Now when my time comes to be passing,
As it does to men far and near.
I think I will find myself gasping,
"Barmaid! More beer over 'ere!"

Bury me with little fanfare,
In a quiet ceremony.
Don't bring flowers bring hops,
As that's the ferryman's fee.

And should I get to Heaven,
And walk on that great golden strand.
Lord, I hope you'll remember,
That I'm a beer drinking man!

There you have it. If I could have thought of how to make it dirty, you know I would have.

On another note, the postman scared me to death the other day. He rang the doorbell and made me sign for something, which he has never done before. I thought the letter might have been the IRS wondering why I had claimed $28,000 on "snacks", as I hear they are looking for some new income. It turns out it was a letter from Dale. I should have known by the stamps.

He had sent the Card Seen 'Round The World. Make no mistake, Flannery and I begged very hard to be the next on the list and Dale was kind enough to send it along to us. The only problem was we broke rules numbers two & six. First off was six, as we kept the card for three weeks and on the mantle no less. I would like to say that we have played by the rules, but that would be a lie. We cheated and got the card under false pretences, but that's how Flannery is.

Should you like to see the card as it stands, look here. Our contributions appear below. Click to make bigger.


  1. Fine additions to the card Doc, and I believe you should include the poem also. It is pure magic!

  2. Doc, knowing you for awhile now, may I reccommend Spike Milligan, a British actor, humourist, doodler, author, radio host and poet of the common man and child.

    Look up his poem Maverick Prowls (he of the rumbling bowels...)

    I think you will approve.

  3. This was sort of like two...two blogs in one! And hey, the card hit two...two blogs in one! Excellent work and card additions!

  4. The coffee stain added just the right touch. Did you add a touch of beer smell to it?



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