Saturday, April 25, 2009

Judas Priest! Where Have I Been?

Judas Priest! I just noticed that it's Saturday and I haven't put up a post since Tuesday. Where have I been?

Ancient Egypt actually, and loving every minute of it.

I have found a favorite computer game that I haven't played in ages and it has totally sucked me in. It's called Pharaoh.

It is a city builder game and it is a blast. There is nothing quite so satifing as watching my peasents brew me beer while building my enormous pyramid. The music and sound effects are beautifully done and really add to the depth of the game. It is the kind of game you turn on to play for twenty minutes and four hours magically slip buy.

I love to tell you more about it and the rich history that is packed into it, but I have a sphinx to build!

Catch you later,


  1. Everything is possible to build with a big enough supply of slave labor!

  2. Time is so fluid when there are keyboards and slaves involved.

  3. Ah, yes. Damn you for turning me on to this beloved time sink.

    I recently rebuilt my computer to play a fantastically CPU-sucking video card devouring monster of a game, and what game does Devin want me to install first?



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