Monday, April 27, 2009

A Look At Yesteryear...

So I was sitting around, drinking beer and smoking my meat, and I thought I'd check in on Dr. Von Monkerstein just to see what he was up to. He had put up a post of illustrations from an old children's book. The text that goes with these pictures is absent, so I added some.
"Alright Bill, when I drop my hand, you put down that opium pipe and cut the rope that is holdin' this here tree down. The one who flys the farthest gets the first pick of the peyote mushrooms the girls are sortin', agreed? I'll bet you five dollars I kin do this an' still keep muh hat on!"

"You girls want to earn a shiny quarter the hard way? Just climb into my wagon..."

I know, I know. I have done something profane to otherwise good art, but it is only because I wish I could draw like that. Besides, good art deserves a shot in the ribs now and then. Take this picture for example:

The reason you alway see Napoleon with his hand in his vest is because he is rubbing his third nipple. The Japanese believe having one is a sign of virility. How else do you explain the front of his trousers?



  1. I think the puffiness in his trousers has more to do with his bladder control problem that necessitated adult diapers.

  2. You beat me to it, I was going to use some of those pictures and add captions later. Damn you sir, damn you!

    (Just kidding, I'll still do it later.)

  3. Some Guy- I know from extensive research that bladder control was always a bone of contention with him and Josephine, but how great could French diapers at the time be?

    Dr. MVM- Sir, I deserve your condemnation whole-heartedly. I have blatently stolen what was rightfully yours and tried to pass it off as my own. This is a horrible transgression and you have my deepest apologies. I promise that I will never again cull your blog for ideas for my writing or glean properties that are obviously yours. This was wrong of me and I am truly sorry. Very, very sorry. I will never do it again as long as I live. Unless I find it convenient or just want to let you know I'm reading, whatever comes first. I got to the one of the kid on the tree and I just had to swipe it. That is just too funny!

    Skyler's Dad- The pictures just spoke to me.


  4. While you are on the subject of pictures. Where is the Sista's pic that you promise to draw?
    Still waiting.


  5. How else do you explain what about the front of his trousers? I don't see a whole lot going on there.

  6. "How else do you explain the front of his trousers?"

    Makes sense to me.


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