Friday, May 01, 2009

Vignettes: Saxy Music

Riley finds a calender with classic cars and hot rods on it in the school parking lot and they are looking at it as I'm driving them to Grandma's.

Lucy: That's a sexy car!

Riley: Don't say that word! I don't like that word.

Lucy: What? All I said was that's a sexy car.

Riley: You don't even know what that word means.

Lucy: Sure I do. Just like the music we are listening to. It's sexy music.

Riley: No it's not!

Lucy: Sure it is. It's got a sax in it.

Riley: A saxophone?

Lucy: Yeah.

Riley: Well, yeah. I guess it is saxy music.

Lucy: See, I told you.

I'm driving and trying not to swerve as I'm laughing so hard to myself.



  1. Doesn't she know that the word "sexy" has been co-opted by corporate America? It doesn't mean what it used to.

  2. remember that and repeat at their weddings

  3. If I'd been there I'd have called DCFS on you. You must have done something to make them talk so dirty.

  4. just wait until one of 'em says "that piece of hallibut was good enough for Jehovah!!"

    and what about ROXY Music??

  5. Your girls are a riot!



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