Friday, July 03, 2009

The Coolest Gift

I often kid my girls that as a child I had both kinds of toys, a stick AND a rock. They always look at me with a mix of pity and disgust. The truth of the matter is most of my toys were hand-me-downs, but I did have one uber-cool toy all to myself, this:

I played with this thing for hours. Somewhere I still have the little green monster that hid in the trash compacter amongst the foam bits of "trash".

What was you favorite toy as a kid?



  1. I loved my G.I. Joe and his helicopter, command center, and an all-terrain vehicle that would launch whirly-birds.

  2. Skateboards.



    It offered a whole new world and it filled in the areas that the buses didn't cover, which was (and still is) huge in San Francisco.

    BTW, This post is dedicated to you, in the beer sense.

  3. Roller skates, Trivial Pursuit Jr., Clue, my tap shoes (I took lessons), and my swing set if that counts.


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