Saturday, July 04, 2009

Piss On A Screwdriver

In an effort to expand the lexicon just a little bit, might I suggest, "piss on a screwdriver," for your future insult needs. While a bit out of the way for most folks, I think it might cover many conversations with mechanics, repair men, and most any other mechanical fix-it persons that you might encounter. While not as colorful nor representing the shear amount of futility as, "piss up a rope", I feel this phrase has earned a place in our language and needs to be given it's due. Feel free to use it when your brake job or dryer repair amounts to over $800. Let them know how you feel about their mechanical ass-reaming and suggest that their tools could be used to better effect.

No need to thank me,


  1. Thank you Doc. I will write it on an index card for the next time I go to have service on my car, and have to assume the position over their counter.

  2. How very timely, considering how just yesterday I did, in fact, piss on a screwdriver.

  3. From personal experience, I can tell you that this is a far safer epithet than "boink a bandsaw".


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