Monday, September 21, 2009

The Five Things You Didn't Know You Needed In a Disaster

The October issue of Popular Mechanics is emblazoned with the title, "Beyond Survival; how to live through any disaster- for a Day, a Month or Forever!" and while the whole issue is chock full of tales of people living through snowstorms, hurricanes, and forest fires, as well as suggestions on how you could too, most of it seemed common sensical to me.

There was one little side-bar article that caught my eye that I would like to share with you, as your continued survival is a topic very near and dear to the heart's of the staff here at Social Zymurgy; the culture of beer, as we can little afford to lose even one of our readers. The article named five unlikely items that you would need in the aftermath of a crisis besides the obvious food, water, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, etc. So to insure your continued good health and your safe return to our little cyber-bar, here is the list:

5. A Good Book- Boredom can be oppressive in a survival situation and you will need something for your mind to do while you wait for FEMA, the Coast Guard, or the search party to get off their collective asses. It will help to keep your spirits up and sometimes that is the difference between life and death.

4. Glow Bracelets- These little glow sticks are great for marking the locations of things in the dark such as where the radio, flashlight, toilet paper or door knobs are, and aren't the fire hazard of candles or a drain on your precious batteries.

3. Contractor Bags- The heavy duty 3-mil plastic bags are great for an instant rain poncho, to use as a water barrier, and are tough enough to handle sharp debris. You can use them to drag heavy objects and they are the ultimate waterproof luggage. While more expensive than regular trash bags, should you find yourself in a bad way, the usefulness of these bags will more than compensate for the extra money and don't be afraid to buy extras.

2. Handheld CB Radio- These are the instant lifeline to the rescue crews, ambulances, and tow trucks that are coming to your aid, and they work when your cell phone doesn't. Buy one that tunes into NOAA weather channels. You'll be glad you did, good buddy.

1. The number one survival tool you didn't know you needed, yep, you guessed it- Beer! When all of the stores are boarded up, your credit cards are worthless and who wants your cash when there is no place to spend it? So what becomes the de facto currency of your post disaster situation? Beer, and lots of it. You want a neighbor to help you clear the fallen trees off of your house, well a case of Bud goes a long way even if it is a little warm. Even people who don't drink can see the value in having beer to barter for what they need, so stock up!

For more information on how protect yourself in a crisis, the editor of Social Zymurgy would point you to these previously published articles:

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Y'all be careful out there, you hear?


  1. I agree with everything but the book. If faced with surviving a catastrophe, I will be busy gnashing my teeth, pacing, and eventually eating my hiking partner. Who has time to read?

  2. Why did I know what #1 would as soon as I read the headline?

  3. Cigarettes for prison

    Beer for disaster

    William Shatner anecdote for post ironic uni students

    Got it

  4. No longer am I going to waste those glow bracelets at concerts and tween birthday parties. Unless of course they occur during a disaster.


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