Friday, November 20, 2009

After A Long Night At Tiki, I Brought Home A Bum

After a long night at Tiki, I brought home a bum. Needless to say, Flannery was not amused. What follows is an animated photoplay of what happened. In this, I am played by the gentleman in the crumpled top hat while Flannery has her hair up in curlers. You may recognize the pink gentleman as he is one cool cat.

This is from the time when drunks were still funny and is one of Lucy & Riley's favorites.

Have a grand weekend you bums,


  1. I was impressed with his ability to put an entire stove and pan into a small trash can!

  2. I miss Mel Blanc, I didn't know he did voices for Pink Panther unit I saw the credits for this cartoon.

    While my daughter loves Spongebob, he can't hold a candle to Bug, Daffy, Wile E. Coyote , and Roadrunner.

  3. Drunks are no longer funny? Since when? I love this old stuff.

  4. That ranks as one of th' best PP episodes, and of course Mr. Blanc makes the episode.

    Just make sure th' girls don't grow up to wear curlers and weild rolling pins.


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