Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes You Just Don't Get It

Flannery an I were out in the lodge this evening and I told her a joke, one of the best ones I've heard in a long time. Now I love a good joke, but more than that, I love a good joke told well. It has been a life long vice, and I pride myself somewhat in the fact that I can tell a joke.

Not tonight.

I told this funny joke to her and made it whimsical and vivid. I got a blank stare.

I explained the joke and the mix up that makes it funny. I got a pained expression.

I explained the joke in detail, not in the vain hope that she would laugh at this point because once you break down a joke this far, it just isn't funny. I was simply looking for some light of recognition.

She finally broke into a soft chuckle and shook her head, "I just don't get it!"

Maybe I told it wrong.

Take a minute and tell me this isn't funny.

I do a good Irish priest voice too!



  1. I knocked my beer bottle over laughing. Yeah, its a guy thing.

  2. I'm still smiling, a whole minute after I heard it. It's kind of goofy, but it is definitely funny.

  3. Oh no...That was funny! And the old jew telling the joke does help.

    BTW-you have been nominated by Beckeye in my Comment Content Hall of Fame Contest.

    Check it out!


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