Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can I Use Your Daughter's Underwear To Make Soup?

I didn't bring you a puppy because you just don't seem to be a puppy person. You strike me as a scotch, filterless cigarettes, and fast dames kind of person. The kind of a person who plays by their own rules and knows how to do their talking with their fists if you have to. Sure, you come off as hard-boiled and cold blooded, but deep down, you've got a heart of gold and you long for the gentle caress of the one who loves you, but when it comes to love, you've been run over by that freight train before. You tell yourself that you will never go down that road of pain again and you are one floozy away from a bad case of the clap, but you are still looking for that one broad that you would care so much about that you would use her underwear to make soup.

You are the tough talking gumshoe who doesn't need a puppy. You just need a shot of rye and another clip for your .45 automatic.

What I brought you is in the hanky...

No need to thank me,


  1. I have not even read the post yet. I figured a pre-emptive comment about your title was in order. I just finished writing a post that in an odd way might be seen as being inspired by your title. Let me assure you I came up with my post independently. Any resemblance to your actual words will hopefully not follow. I have delayed publication for my post to maximize the prime ignoring time. Not having much or any substance of worth, I figured to sneak it in. And then I come here. Just what is it about us guys and women's underwear? I swear you and I seem to be on similar planes or at least sharing the same air space. ;)

  2. "here's something for you too!"

    stuff shot out of my nose, ewwww...

  3. You are going to get freaks for years off the title of this, you know that, dont'cha?

  4. This is the best post title I've read in decades.

  5. I hate to say it, but it looks to me like someone has sewn straps onto the underwear and turned it into an apron!

  6. I have to say, I've been known to lie fully dressed before. Thanks Mr Macrum, Always glad to know when clothing is optional!
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