Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In Honor of Big Orange

Welcome to Flannery's Entertainment Beat, a day late and a dollar short. In honor of Big Orange's Vasectomy, of which I can never hear enough, I've decided to post this little Japanese game show, where if you say the tongue twister wrong, you get nailed in the nuts. Enjoy your recovery, BO, and hang on to your application for a month or two, at least until you can say Kaeru pyoko-pyokomi pyoko-pyokoawasete pyoko-pyoko mu pyoko-pyoko five times fast.



  1. you know, this is interesting. I had a cyber-friend who had spent a lot of time in Japan working as a teacher of English, and this sort of humor-- that is, the humor of about a middle schooler-- is rampant in Japan. grown men getting hit in the nuts if they can't say tongue twisters fast enough is apparently very typical. grown men apparently find the same things hysterical that your average American 14 year old find hysterical, including farts and hits to the groin. MOST humor is along the lines of the "Jackass" movies. It's an interesting mix, considering the technological advances Japanese have made and their generally highly structured society.

  2. question #2: WHY is hitting someone in the pills considered so damned funny? I've always felt bad for dudes who get hit in the groin...

    Well, except for THESE dudes-- if you're stupid enough to go on a game show where there's a damned good chance someone will smash you in the balls with a hammer and you STILL go on, then it's your own lookout.

  3. What do you want to bet that the last guy in line is the first one the judges picked when they had try-outs? I don't know any Japanese, but it is obvious that he is trying to say whatever the host wants to hear so he doesn't have to do this. What a boob! I have no sympathy.



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