Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Tiki News

A new game has taken over our regular Tiki get-togethers. Jenga! We just can't seem to get enough of this simple, but challenging game. We play in teams, or individuals, and every meeting we crown a new champ.

It all started when Markus brought Franklin a truckload of 2x4 chunks that were scraps left from his last job. They were scattered around the wood stove, and were intended for fire starter, but as I was the first one to trip over them, I started to pick them up and stack them out of the way. It just seemed natural to stack them like Jenga, and with that, a Tiki obsession was born.

We finally found a small wooden step-stool to set the game up on, as it helps to get it up off the floor, and makes the grabs for the lower ones so much easier. We have "house rules", just like "Monopoly". (Do you play with free parking? Do you go once around the board before buying property?) Everyone has their own "house rules", and with Jenga we have the "one hand" rule, and the "flat restack" rule, but these can be suspended for any game, as long as all the players know at the start.

It is easy to build your own set of Jenga blocks. Take any given 2x4 and cut it in 8 to 14 inch chunks. Precise length isn't critical, unlike some things, and makes for a more challenging game if they aren't. The more crooked and warped your 2x4 the better. You can even "acquire" your own low cost Jenga set if there is a construction site in your area, and it isn't well lit at night, just don't tell them I sent you.

Oh, and one other thing. When you are playing your newly "acquired" Jenga set with your buddies, and you are washing down the saw-dust with a few cold ones, watch your head and guard your groin, 'cause when that tower comes crashing down, that is a lot of weight to "crown" your champ with. Our record is 42 levels. Beat that!


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  1. is that Latin-looking woman playing with herself? Puh-leez say yes...

    oh, and that house-o-cards jenga setup is migh-tea impressive. Y'all didn't GLOO that fucker together, didja??


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