Monday, August 20, 2007

Do I Post Too Much, Or Too Little?

I've noticed that some of blogdom will only put up a post every other day or so. Others put up one every week or so. Some, like Flannery, put up something every day. Some are content to put up a new post once or twice a month.

Me, I operate in fits and spurts. I might go three weeks and I don't put up a thing, but then there are times like last night when I put up three posts.

I guess my real question is: Does anyone scroll down until they find something that they have read before, or do you just read whatever is on top and run with that?

While I act as editor for SZ tcob, I am not the sole contributor. I have an extensive staff that adds to our copy. Big Orange and I write the bulk of what you read, but Elizabeth, genn6, and Flannery contribute regularly. Raven has been on the payroll since I took over, yet she has never, not once, added one article in my memory.

This has caused some confusion in the past as to who has started a meme, and has been attributed to the wrong author, but that is of no consequence, just as long as we get some kind of answer, we are satisfied.

As Editor-In-Chief, I was just wondering. Do we need to limit our posts to one a day so that we can maximize our audience? I am just trying to maximize your time here at our little cyber-bar, as you really have better things to do than put up with our crap.

Please feel free to rant in the comments section, as I need all the input that I can get. We are trying to write what will interest our audience, but without input from our readers, we will continue with our randomly scheduled sh*t.

Please, this sight is for you. Tell us what you want to hear or we will be forced to provide the trifle that we have been dishing out for some time now. We take on all comers. Give us a challenge that you think we can't master and let us surprise you. Give us topics that you don't see tackled anywhere else and give us free reign, but as I put this to print, I am reminded of a few rules: it can't have nudity or too much foul language. This sight must be kept work friendly. These are not my rules. These are the rules of my contributors. Myself, I'd prefer T&A in every post, as well as creative uses of commonly accepted swear words, but this is not to be.

I must submit to my staff, as well as my reading audience, but please, give us something juicy that we can tackle for you, the most important person in the world, our readers.

Always keeping you in mind,
Your Editor,


  1. I don't what y'all do. I resigned weeks ago. Now I just shout out from the peanut gallary.

  2. Admittedly it took me a while to note who posted what, but I got it straight now. And as far as posting, I just posted three weeks worth of crap and let it fly. Most people have read the first post or two. A few have actually read back to the last post. But I have no ideas right now. That is why I am recycling.

  3. I enjoy the posts. Don't change a thing.

    Plus, I have enough trouble thinking of things to post on, you think I'm gonna give you guys the poor ideas I do have?

    I'm not.

  4. I do have a question. Did you get those shoes yet?

  5. I use an RSS feed reader (Google Reader, to be precise), which keeps track of what posts I have read or not read.

    So, when you add some posts, I can catch up with them all without missing one.

    One thing to note -- I think people who look at the RSS feed instead of directly visiting your blog won't increment your SiteMeter (or whatever hit counter you may use).

    This could be either positive or negative, depending on how you look at it. You could dislike that there are people reading your blog without your knowledge, or you could pretend that thousands read your blog daily, but just not in a way that you can measure (I prefer the latter belief).

  6. I post whenever I have something to say, or something I found that I want to share.

    But research has shown that the optimal blog activity is 1.374 posts per day. Go ahead, prove me wrong! ;^)

  7. Post what you feel like posting, when you feel like posting it. This place is great. It's like going to the monkey cages at the zoo and hoping you're lucky enough to see one of them grab a toupee, or wank in front of old ladies.

    On the other hand, Big Orange can be excused for warning us he was going to post that Dennis Leary video. It was worth waiting for.

    Don't change a thing. Thanks for the zoo.

  8. Splotchy, maybe I'm just a Luddite, but I go out of my way to avoid RSS feeds, subscriptions, etc ... anything that gives me an excuse not to visit a site and maybe cost myself a nice surprise. Several times a day I go through the list of links on my own site (many are hidden), and click on comment links like your own, to see what's up out there. I think it's more fun that way. And I post like Doc does ... when the mood hits (it hits less often for me, though; I'm a senior for christ's sake).

  9. elizabeth- Lord knows we love a good gallery.

    E.G.- recycling is good for the planet and blogdom as well.

    Phil- I got the shoes after a month and a half and I breaking them in now. The support is great, but I kind of exspected a little more padding, like a tennis shoe, but they fit nice and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them.

    Splotchy- Thanks for stopping by and I'll add your link as soon as Flannery shows me how. I don't know jack crap about how to run this computer. I just learned how to put pictures up.

    Skyler's Dad- 1.374 is correct. I checked Wikipedia.

    Cooper Green- Expect more weenie waving at old ladies. That is what we are all about here at SZ tcob, well, that and beer.

    Thanks for chiming in folks. I just need to check with you all every now and then just to make sure.


  10. I generally scroll down to see what's new. Follow your heart.

  11. I think you should post daily, at least 2 or 3 times a day, if only to keep me constantly entertained and stimulated with new material.

    But you're doing fine just the way you have things now, really.

  12. Post as you see fit. It's your blog, we just live in it.

    As you can see I scroll down and make sure I didn't miss anything, but I feel that I'm in the minority.


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