Friday, August 03, 2007

A Note From the Editor

First off, thank you all for contributing to the funeral meme. The response was overwhelming. I have never started a meme before and have only answered two previously. Thanks Elizabeth and Bubs.

While I have followed some of blogdom for a while now, but most was done while reading over Flannery's shoulder. She encouraged me to start one of my own for a long time, but I could never bring myself to do it. Then Big Orange started this one and asked me to write a little something for it. At first I wasn't crazy about the idea, but then I had a random thought that I would host a regular article on the history of beer and that sparked my interest. (I like history AND beer.) I wrote a few pieces that I was proud of and I started to see the appeal. Then his life and work schedule changed and he was going to kill this blog. Flannery suggested that he put me in charge. So here I am, suddenly having this beautiful bastard child that no one wanted, thrust into my lap.

I just couldn't turn the poor little waif away.

So I took the little f*cker under my wing and ran with it. Was it quality? Some days. Was it worth your time? Some days. Was it bizarre, funny, and thought provoking? Sure.

Some days.

I have always tried to be a good steward and editor for SZ tcob, thinking that at any day now, Big Orange will take over and I will go back to being a sometime writer for this little corner of the WWW. Not so. I'm like Bruce Wayne and I'm saddled with Dick Grayson, (a.ka.the beer blog) and I need to raise him, and show him how to use the batarang, but I don't mind. Beer is usually involved with good times, and if there is something that we all need, it is good times. So be it. I'd like to think that I can add a small thing to your day, even if it is grossly misspelled.

That brings me to my next point.

This is a note of thanks. I feel like I have been welcomed into your lives with open arms, and that means a hell of a lot to me.

THANKS. All of you, THANKS.

I want you all to know that while I don't comment often, I am an avid reader. Twice a day I make the rundown of everyone in the blogroll list. Once at lunchtime while the kids are eating and I can sneak away for a cigarette, and again when I return from work at 9ish. I turn to your blog and scroll down until I find something that I have read before and work my way to the top. I REALLY try to keep up. (The other night I couldn't sleep so I read three months of Anandamide and eight months of Bubs. Both fascinating.)

I don't comment often because most anything that I might have to add has already been added by someone who is wittier than I am. Just know that I'm checking in as often as I can and thanks for stopping by.



  1. P.S.- I plan on posting my funeral mix soon, I just needed YOUR contribution first.

    I couldn't ask you to do something that I wouldn't do too. That ain't fair.


  2. This is a great sentiment. It is weird that this whole blog circle has become part of my life. I never used to comment either. I still only comment when I feel I have something to add. Or in this case, acknowledge that I have been here and do a lot of reading without commenting myself.

    Keep up the good work, Doc.

  3. Ditto for me on commenting. I read TONS of shit without commenting and feel kind of bad because there is some brilliant stuff out there. Like you, many times someone has stated much more cleverly the same sentiments.

    I cherish this little community/whatever-it-is we've got going.

  4. In the future, if you have trouble sleeping go back and review my blatherings. Oh, you will sleep alright!

  5. That was really nice.

    I love visiting this blog. I'll echo your comments, and Chris', about visiting an not commenting because someone else has already responded more cleverly/smarter/wittier than i could have.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. almost everyone is clever-er or wittier than I, but I comment anyway.

  7. Gentleman,
    Thanks for the confirmation. I thought that it was just me. I read your posts and it just raises more questions for me. Questions that should not fill my spare empty minutes, yet they do.

    Questions like "How did Bubs get this horrible gut wound? From where does Evil Genius get this great love of Morrisey? How does Skylersdad cope? How does Bubs handle having two teen girls at home? How does Evil Genius come up with these all-inclusive lists day after day? How can chris pack away such an odd assortment of stuff in the guest room closet?

    I try very hard to think about what I have to do today. You know. Where I'm going and what I'm doing, but I find that my few free moments turn to the conversations that I wish we could have if we had an evening sitting around the Tiki bar, just shooting the Bull.

    I look forward to the time (from the point of this writing, 83 days, 9 hours, and 13 minutes) till we get to your neck of the woods.(a.k.a. Chicago)

    I have been lucky in the fact that, of all of blogdom, I have got to meet chris. He came to my house with the purpose of interviewing my dear wife, Flannery, and I got the chance to show him a bit of Tiki, as well as fill him with good beer, and introduce him around. Frank still asks if you are going to be back soon, and I'm sure that a quick trip to North-Eastern Ohio would do you all some good, if for no other reason than to brag that YOU have been to America's Heartland.

    So. The invite stands. Should you find yourself in this area, stop in. We'll put you up, and show you the sights, even if it is only the Tiki Bar next door and the Football Hall of Fame.

    See you in "Shy Town" on Oct. 25th.


  8. It was a brilliant meme Doc. Who knew there were so many people eager to plan their funerals?!

    I'm glad you're there keeping us safe and warm in your beer soaked history laden heart. It just makes sense. Thank you!

    It's been such a great time getting to read and know a lot of really creative people. Now how do I give them all the brush off?

  9. Dale- We are like an S.T.D. We are luggage you just can't lose.



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