Sunday, November 18, 2007

War And Peace, A Farce In One Act.

I made a "pie crust promise", easily made and easily broken. I can't deliver on my promise of a fifteen minute skit of "War and Peace". I spell English poorly enough, I don't need to tackle Russian. On my best day, I couldn't do better than this:

If you are running short of time, please feel free to skip to seven minutes and twelve seconds in, and watch from there. This is the gist of the story. Just remember: If the quantity drops below once every eight months, look into that.


  1. As great as this movie is (I absolutely adore Harold Gould, aka Rhoda's father, as Anton Inbedkov), it still blows me away that his next movie was Annie Hall. What an artistic leap.

    Ah, the "earlier, funnier" films!

  2. great scott!! Cube steak is BEEF BUTT!!

    Uh... what was this post about again??

  3. now, where were we?? Oh, yes, I watched MOST of this while I had two flanks of th' aforementioned beef butt prepared th' way mom did it, pan frying, as opposed to the Mama-Doc way, and two thoughts occured to me, both quotes by Mr. Woody:

    bisexuality: it doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.

    I took a speed reading course and read War and Peace in less than 9 hours. It's about Russia.

  4. Doc-- I gots me a re-butt-all for you on Friday. look for it.

  5. how can we change this so it's a FART in one act??

  6. hey, what beer goes best with turkey and dressing??

  7. Doc, I think you need to weigh in on this controversy sometime after the tryptophan wears off.


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