Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tis The Season...

No, not Christmas. Even better. At Tiki tonight I will be knocking back cold ones and hopefully not knocking over our adult sized Jinga game made from 2x4 scraps. Last year the game was a little taller, but we had to use a few pieces to get the fire started. Hey, when it comes to Jinga, I'm a good sport, but we are not about to freeze our ass off for the sake of a game.
And when I come home from Tiki tonight, I'm climbing into here.

It is set for a comfy 104 degrees. Yes, it is hot tub season!

Enjoy the weather! I am!




    wow, from 104 water to... what? 30 air?? Yew brave man, my son.

    ACtually, that reminds me of one time mine goodwife and I visited a nudist camp late in fall. There was a lurvely young woman who stepped out of the tub to towel down and she was enveloped in a cloud of steam slowly and lazily coming off her body. She was backlit against one floodlight so the steam stood out in stark contrast.

    "Wow!" all the tubgoes said, "hold that pose! That's great! Anyone have a camera?"

    no, of course they didnt-- it's a nude camp.

    ANYWAY, I don't know 'bout the nudie thing for y'all (loah kno' I've been workin' on y'alls for some time now-- I mean, if Da' Lord wanted us to go 'round starkers, we'd be BORN that way!!) but I think you should take a long 2x4 and stand it some 6.5 feet up with a floodlight on it and see if you can get some artsy-fartsy pix of someone steaming out of the tub. You could send it to the Jones Soda people. They're always lookin' for creative crap like that.

  2. We used to go to my buddy Jim's condo up in the hills and sit in the hot tub. We would get half-baked and jump out and roll in the snow.

    Somebody should have had a heart attack, either us or the other folks watching us cause we were naked.

  3. Looks pretty relaxing to me, wish I could join ya'.

    Say hi to the crew for me, and give the girls a hug. I miss you guys!

  4. Nothin' in the whole world like sitting in a hot tub outside in winter, knocking back some ide-cold brew. If that's all we ever accomplished as a race of beings on thie Earth, I'd say we did just fine.

  5. Oh man that looks good. The hot tub , that is, not the snow. I am recovering right now from clearing off my drive and sidewalks. Nothing like coming home after 3 days of 60 degree sunny weather, two nights of drinking, a cramped 4 hour flight, sleeping and then waking up to 6" of snow.

  6. ...if only the run back to the house wasn't such a fearsome prospect.


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