Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Notes From The Bottom Drawer, "Bologna Is Burning!" edition

For most of this week I have flogged you with horrible old jokes that don't bear repeating, and even though these are a favorite of my dear friend Skyler's Dad, I'm going to shy away from them for a bit. Several of you have been off on one hiatus or another, and I understand you get busy, and it looks like I might be busy for a while too. So to take a page from Blowing Shit Up With Gas's book, as well as Hot Lemon, who both dig through the bottom drawer of their desk marked "To Be Writ" and pull out something they have already penned, but never published, and I'm going to follow suit. For lack of a better name for this new feature I thought "Notes From The Bottom Drawer" might do. Just a general grab bag of whatnot that has cluttered my draft pile for too long and needs to be shared or shucked.

Now don't get the false impression that our little cyber bar will sit empty and gather dust. On the contrary, I have a slew of posts lined up, mostly short, to be published in rapid succession. I just wanted to give you a heads up as to the change in venue, and to say that I might not stop by to read and comment as often as often as I'd like. I've just got a lot on my plate now, so why not follow the leed of some good writers and clear my desk a bit, while tending to my present business, kids.

Like most folks with children, this is the time of year when you send them back to school. Most parents look forward to this time of year after having the little ones under foot for the past three months. I don't. I like having the girls for constant companions and I'm going to miss the long afternoons goofing off in the pool or playing games and reading stories. The oldest just lost her second front tooth and grins like she just won a bar fight, while the youngest draws pictures of the family throwing the ball or in a rocketship. Two weeks ago the oldest decided that she didn't want to be called by her first name anymore. She wanted to go by the name Annie. A week later the youngest decides that her name isn't good enough either. She wants to be called Diamond. As you can see, I have my hands full, but then I like to remind myself when I'm having a tough day, "If being a Dad was easy, everybody would do it, and do it well".

And the worst part of the whole thing is I'm going to have to start getting up early in the morning, with the horrible flip side being going to bed at a respectable hour. By nature, I don't do either well or with the slightest hint of cheerfulness. I can be an S.O.B. in the am. It tends to run in the family.

So start off our trip through "Notes From The Bottom Drawer" let's have the contribution by an Italian artist I don't know squat about. Let me share "Bologna Is Burning!" and assure you that this is not a vid about charred lunch meat, but a bold as brass statement about the world we live in today.

I have no idea what that statement is, but you have to admit it's catchy!


P.S.- Err, stop by soon. Your pumpkin just might win the case of beer prize in the pumpkin growing competition. If you can't make it, I understand, but we are going to cook up the seeds and eat them at Tiki, and if you aren't here I can't gaurantee that your winnings won't be consumed.


  1. have fun with the kids, they grow up way too fast!

  2. Doc, I have ANOTHER whole day off, and after staying awake until 3 AM and then getting up circa noon, I'm sitting in my cave with a bottle of Dundee Pale Bock Lager for breakfast.

    Annie DOES look like a proud, short, white and female Leon Sphinx and Ms. Diamond drew ME some pix just recently, clearly taking after her Da in the realm of cartoon artistry. I say encourage that.

    Don't worry, tho'-- soon enuff the population of NE OH will grow by 1x and I'll be 'round to help you mow the carpet and Hoover the grass when I've got th' day off. We'll keep busy, somehow...

  3. Oi, my winnin's better not be consumed before I get there, and you better save me some seeds.

    I'll call you later today.

  4. I was always skipping around the neighborhood when mine went back to school. Happiest day of the year if ya ask me !!



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