Friday, June 20, 2008

Not Only Was Lee Marvin A Bad Ass, But He Knew How To Treat A Woman Right.

Gentleman, take notes. Wives and Girlfriends, please pay no attention to this as it will only make you heart-sick and fill you with regret. Don't put yourself through that.

Roll film.

Like I have always said, don't be afraid to remind your prisoner which spoon to use. If you don't, how will they ever become a useful member of society again?



  1. What Lee Marvin and men in general don't get is that you find da babes not be being macho but by going to where da babes are - yoga, the park with a stroller, cookery classes.

  2. Lee Marvin a bad ass? I would say Lee Marvin a dumb ass.

    He buys this girl a dress to wear out, but it's see-through and therefore inappropriate to wear in public. Then he gives her broth to eat when her anorexic frame clearly indicates that she needs a steak, baked potato with all the fixings and a large portion healthy vegetables.

    When Lee Marvin buys this girl a decent dress and a hearty meal, I'll stop thinking he's jerk!

    The next time you want me to watch a clip with Sissy Spacek in it, I hope it will be from "Carrie".

  3. Only Lee can pull off wearing white loafers and still appear bad-ass.

  4. Gifted Typist- I agree. I was lucky and met Flannery at a Fourth of July party held by her cousin. If it hadn't have been for that I would be a 37 year old single man with no children, no prospects, and no happiness.

    Elizabeth- I told you not to watch. These were different times, and no amount of grief should be layed at Lee Marvin's door. The man was a man's man. Period. You won't understand it if I wrote a thousand page book. And in the next scene Sissy Spacek eats an entire side of beef raw.

    Skyler's Dad- I noticed that too. He is the only person I could name that could do that, other than you.



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