Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hunting Joke

Two buddies go deer hunting way back in the hills. They have been at it for the better part of the day and haven't seen a single deer. In an effort to see across the wooded valley, Cletus climbs a tall tree to scout the lay of the land but slips and falls and breaks his leg badly. Bill looks him over and knows there is no way he can carry Cletus the fifteen miles back to the truck, and as Bill has never hunted around here before, he isn't sure he could find the way by himself.
"Fire three shots in the air, and maybe someone will come" Cletus suggests as he winces from the pain. So Bill fires three shots in the air and they wait. After a long time and no one has come, Bill fires three more shots in the air and waits. Still no one comes. As the light of day begins to fade, Cletus suggests that Bill try it again.

"Well, it had better work this time," says Bill, "I'm down to my last three arrows!"



  1. ha! Didja know that Ohio is one of the few Northern states where it's legal to use a crossbow? You can buy them in NY but you can't hunt anything w/'em here.


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