Monday, August 25, 2008

Kid joke

A young couple have raised their child to the age of toddler and have successfully potty trained him, but as the mother is a very sensitive person who is easily embarassed, they do not teach the boy to say, "I have to pee," or, "I have to poop", but instead teach him to use the phrase, "I have to whisper," as it sounds more proper when amongst polite company.

Now one day Grandpa comes to visit from out of state, and as their house is small, he is forced to sleep in the same bed as the boy. Bedtime comes and with very little fuss, Grandpa and the boy hit the sack. Around 2 am, the boy wakes Grandpa from a sound sleep and says, "Grandpa, I have to whisper!" and in an effort to get back to sleep, Grandpa tells him to whisper in his ear and go back to sleep. The boy, not being one to question his elders, unleashes a mighty stream into his ear. Grandpa sputters and spits, as he is fully awake now. He looks the boy in the eye as he tries in vain to unclog his watery ear and says, "Damn boy, that sucks, but at least you didn't have to shout!"

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