Friday, November 13, 2009

I Found I Needed A Bubble After Every Meal!

I have never had a formal physics lesson in my life. I have however had some practical applications on occasion. I have fallen down before and have proven the theory of gravity. I have also been struck in the head with an apple, but it was only because my buddy Matt was proving a point at the time and he had no interest in theories, despite the orchard we found ourselves in. I have fired several firearms and shot a fair amount of pool, so while I have no formal education in physics, I do have a passing familiarity.

That being said, in my amateur "expert" status, this guy is a flipping genius!

I'm considering stealing his act and going on the road, but it will take me a while to grow the mustache and I'm trying to quit smoking.



  1. I'm pretty sure you have a few of those little green bottles of bubble juice, like he uses, kicking around the house though. I know we sure do!

  2. I have fallen down before and have proven the theory of gravity.

    I don't care what Newton, Einstein, and Hawking say about gravity under the influence of excessive amounts margaritas, beer, or on occasions straight tequila gravity reverses, goes sideways, or just decides to mess with my head.

    Saw the bubble dude a couple of times on television, yeah his act is really cool.

  3. Smoking? Someone isn't thinking of the children. My kids have tried blowing fancy bubbles, but I could never get them to take that first puff.


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