Saturday, January 09, 2010

Winter Wonderland

"Now the ground is white
Go it while you're young,
Take the girls tonight
and sing this sleighing song!" - Jingle Bells.

Winter wonderland my ass! I look out my window and see some nightmarish Gary Busey cocaine fantasy with a foot and a half of the white stuff covering everything. I've been away from the computer mostly because I've been working quite a bit but that's all about to change.

I missed last week's Flash Fiction Friday for the first time. I'd like to tell you I had a damn good excuse but I just plain old forgot.

Here at the Lodge, we are gearing up for Ground Hog's Day and playing with all the cool swag we got for Christmas. I made a few New Year's resolutions but I have been treating them more like guidelines with lots of loop holes. I find them much easier to keep that way.

I'll put up a new post on Sunday with lots of sex, beer, and general silliness. Until then, I gotta run. I haven't read any of your stuff for a week or two and I just know you've been up to your old hi jinks!



  1. Uh oh, that first paragraph doesn't sound good! Are they cutting back people?

  2. I only do Lo Jinks. I can relate to the snow thing. But it is indeed a winter wonderland. Bout this time every winter I "wonder" why the hell I put up with it.

  3. Nowt like yours, but it's bad over here as well. Britain comes to a halt with 10 inches of snow.

    We are such pussies when it comes to weather. "I've never seen anything like it! It's global warming! Blah, Blah, Blah!!!!"

    If it was global warming it would be hot! ;-)

    I love the snow, my kids love the snow, the snowmen like the snow. We don't get it like this that often, we should enjoy that we can't get to work etc, etc. Right??

    Happy New Year, Doc.



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