Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highlights and Low-Lifes, or All That's Right With What's Left. Social Zymurgy; the culture of beer presents The Year's Best!

"We all know that only poets and writers can save the world. We have left it in the hands of others for too long." - Doc

This is something of a tradition here at Social Zymurgy, the culture of beer. At the beginning of the New Year, we do a brief recap of the best from the previous twelve months. You get the steak without the gristle. The binge without the hangover. The worldwide cruise without all the sea sickness. In short, I've cut the fluff and kept the good stuff. This will be a series for the next week so that I can catch up on your blog. Enjoy!

Ideas for blog writers who can't think of any:

"For Those Engaged In National Blog Posting Month"

Tales of caution:

A story from my sordid young adulthood: "The Night I Took Up Flying"

A purely visual joke which I don't do very often: "When I die, I would like to die peacefully, in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers."

Have you ever had a few beers and done something silly? "The Flare Gun"

It is only a matter of time: "Why The Aliens Would Want To Kidnap Me And What Should Be Done When This Happens"

This too is simply a matter of time: "My Living Will or What To Do When The Coma Comes"

Helpful advice for when the excrement hits the turbine: "The Five Things You Didn't Know You Needed In A Disaster"

Thanks for joining me on a trip down amnesia lane. Swing by tomorrow for more tales from your favorite dumb white country boy!


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  1. Great post, Doc. I will work my way through these.

    Regards, David.


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