Friday, February 02, 2007

Tastefully Nude? The "Not" Hasselhoff

Well, it's Friday again, and we are here with this weeks entry for "Tastefully Nude". Last week this column was hijacked by a couple of lusty wenches with eyepatches and boarding cutlasses. I take NO responsibility for last weeks entry.
So tell me, is she tastefully nude? Or just plain trashy?
One for the Ladies. Is he tastefully nude? Or just plain trashy?

Enter your votes in the comments section below.



  1. by today's standards, the woman is downright tame. By today's standards the man looks queer as a $3 bill by having his hand up grabbin' his pearls. Of course, by today's standards we'd STILL not see his tallywacker-- the male reproductive organ is still banned from being seen, thereby putting male models into ridiculously twisted poses or covering up the willie (coff, coff) with small puppies.

    Why IS that, I wonder? Women have very different measurements in breast size, but they're all over the place. Men, similarly, have very different sizes in weenies, but they're never seen at all. Why is that? Is the penis a threatening object to other men or women? A HARD ON is one thing-- that CAN be threatening, but no man goes about stiff as a board 24/7. So, what's up wid' dat??

  2. They are neither tasteful or trashy, but her hat is stupid and his penis is tiny.

    "The Hoff" with puppies beats these photos by a landslide.

  3. what's WRONG with a teeny peenie? Sheesh, you didn't like the big RAGING BONER o'er the banister, and you don't like his itty bitty Smitty, either. What the hell DO you like in a naked man? >:-}

  4. ::sigh:: an oxymoron. She likes the naked man with a wardrobe...

    Miss E, in all blatant honesty, I love you a lot. I think you're smart and witty and cute and all that stuff. BUT, i can see why you and I never even TRIED making it as a couple: doomed to friendship from the beginning!!!

  5. See my guess for what she was looking for in a naked man would have been a black bow tie.

    Oh well, just a guess.



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