Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Hitting The High Points

We here at Social Zymurgy firmly believe in recycling. We gather our empties and donate the proceeds to burn victims via the local fire department. We are also not above reissueing old posts and pawning them off as new, but as we have garnered so many new readers, perhaps you might stumble across something you have missed. As I am on vacation this week to celebrate Groundhog's Day and am not really worth a damn, I have gathered a selection of old posts to entice you to return when I am worth a damn.

Feel free to peruse this collection that I like to call the "Ageing Rocker" selection. When all else fails, issue a "best of" album. These are the cream of the crop, or at least the ones that I found to be the most funny. Please leave me lots of comments as to what you liked the best, as I need all the help I can get, and don't be shy in your critique.

Oldest to newest, here we go:All Things Bright and Beery

The Civilizing Effects of Beer

What Beer goes with Capt. Crunch?

Wally's Transgressions, this is a personal favorite.

My Political Philosophy

Still Curious How I Got To Be Me?

10% Rotten


A B C's

Batman was here!

World Geography 101

The Revival of Silly Hat Night

Beware The Ides of March

Song Meme

Flannery For President

What We Do In Case Of An Emergency

My Terms

A Poem of Love

Skyler's Dad Asks and I Answer

Phrases Men Fear

Reasons I will Never Work in Espionage

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

Ledbetter's Junkyard

I Hate A Liar

The American Center

The Way I See It...

Seven More Things You Don't Know About Me

The Ride Of My Life

If you are up to it, I have included some links to some short stories I wrote that I am especially fond of:

My Ex Took D's, Science fiction for Hot Lemon.

In Praise of Nonsense, A favorite of Blowing Shit Up With Gas.

The Scrounger, a tale set during the civil war.

The Singular Tale of Dr. Malted and the Ominious iSplotchy, a story of horror for Splotchy.

Well there you have it. This is the best of everything I have ever written and I hope you find something you like. I know I have sure enjoyed writing for you. I'll get back to new posts at the first of the week after my long Groundhog's Day weekend. Have fun! I am!



  1. if I slip you $20 (to ride 'round in your wallet), will you write the follow-up story to the android mistress??

  2. Hot Lemon- Hell, I'll write the story if it means that much to you but you can keep the $20. Spend it on a babysitter and get out for an evening.


  3. Wow, thanks for a greatest hits entry. It really helps me to get to know...the essence of Doc...and the culture of beer. Kudos!!!

  4. Wait a sec-- what's this RESPECT stuff doing in the recycling symbol? What the hell are we supposed to respect? Aluminium??


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